This application allows you to draw on a blackboard. It can be used for simple drawings, doodles, notes, illustrations, etc. It is designed to entertain and help you visualize your ideas on the go. It is suitable for adults and children 5+. Main features: – There is a number of predefined colours to choose from, … Read More

Blackboard Communications HQ

Designed by and for school administrators, the Blackboard Communications HQ app will allow users to send messages anytime and anywhere and confirm delivery. Usability tested to ensure ease of use, the Simple Send™ mobile interface makes creating and sending messages a one-touch process. Multiple delivery methods (phone, email and text) allow you to contact parents … Read More

Blackboard Student

Painting could be a smart apply for everybody, children, youth and adults. It helps you to free your creative thinking and explore new concepts, a blank paper is wherever everything will arise. Blackboard Student App A Blackboard Student App with all the tools continuously on the market, permits you to think about your work and … Read More

Blackboard by Boogie Board

Blackboard™ by Boogie Board™ is an electronic writing tool to plan, sketch, and design featuring Liquid Crystal Paper™. And the free Blackboard app makes it easy to save, organize, search, and share your work, doodles, designs, lists, and more. CAPTURE YOUR WORK The Blackboard app uses your mobile device camera to scan your Blackboard. CARBON … Read More


Blackboard for kids education sketch, write and delete. Blackboard for every child first vepon for education

Blackboard Classroom K12

Welcome to the Blackboard Classroom K12 Mobile App! With the Blackboard Classroom K12 Mobile App, you can: • Access your courses directly from your mobile device • Download content for offline access • Update your profile information • Receive course notifications and messages • As a student: view your course grades and awarded badges on … Read More


A simple tool for drawing and coloring Are you looking for an application to convert your mobile to Blackboard? So you are in the right place, where our application Blackboard, It helps you teach your children to create and color drawings, Draw and paint shapes just like a real blackboard. Add details to your drawing. … Read More

My Blackboard

~ FIRST REALISTIC BLACKBOARD ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE ~ Create original messages and drawings to send to your family and friends ! “My Blackboard” is realistic and has various tools and options: • 6 colors and custom colors and three sizes of chalk • Chalk sound effects • undo and redo actions • erase everything … Read More

Blackboard Collaborate™ Original (Old Version)

IMPORTANT: This application is for the Collaborate Original experience. If your Institution uses Collaborate with the Ultra experience, you can join sessions directly from your mobile browser. If you are not sure which version of Collaborate you have, ask your moderator or institution administrator. With Blackboard Collaborate Original Mobile, you can join web conferencing sessions … Read More

Blackboard – Ad free

A simple blackboard with some advanced options without any ads. – Use different colors to draw. – Erase any area with an eraser. – Replay the whole drawing and pause any time. It’ll start from beginning to the end. – Change the pen size. – Share the drawing with others via other applications. – Clear … Read More