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1. Link to Websites | Blackboard Help
Link to Websites | Blackboard Help
Be sure Edit Mode is ON so you can access all of the instructor's functions. In a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder, select Build Content to access the menu and select Web Link. Type a name and paste or type the URL. Use the http:// protocol, such as

2. Configure Sites | Blackboard Help

From Site Manager select CONFIGURE. · Select Sites. · Select the name of the site you want to edit. · Type the user-friendly text in the Friendly Web Address field.

3. How do I add a web link? | Blackboard 9: Full Instructor Tutorials

How do I add a web link? · Select and click the content area where you want to add the weblink · Click Build Content and select URL from the …

4. Creating a Link to an External Site in Blackboard – Sites

URL: Enter the desired URL (the website address) for the web link here. Entering the Link Description.

5. Blackboard CourseSites

And learn. This is your destination to try out Blackboard's Ultra experience and teach courses online, for free. … Simplify teaching and learning with Blackboard's next-generation digital learning environment. … Confirm Email Address. Country.

6. Creating a Link in Blackboard – University of San Diego

When it comes to outside web pages, creating a link in Blackboard allows the … avoid having to copy and paste or manually type out the entire web address. 1.

7. Using the Link Function · Blackboard Help for Faculty

You must use the http:// protocol when typing or pasting an address for the link. … You can specify a link to a website, a file from your computer, Course Files, …

8. Copy Links to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session …

Copy Links to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Recording from One Course Section to Another

One you're on the Create Web Link page, you'll want to title your recording in the name section, then put your cursor in the URL box and press CTRL + V to copy …

9. Adding Contact Information | Blackboard Help

This includes campus and email addresses, office hours, pictures and personal web sites. You may also choose to provide a link to this information from the …

10. How do I add a web link to my Blackboard course menu …

Type or paste the webpage's address in the “URL” textbox (e.g., “”). Select the Available to Users checkbox. (Otherwise, the link will not be …

11. Guest Access | Blackboard at KU

Make content areas accessible to Guests and share a direct URL. This method does not require the user to have a login account for our Blackboard system.

12. Blackboard Learn : TechWeb : Boston University

Course materials are available 24/7, from any location, allowing students to learn when and where they like. Key Features. Multimedia content – …