Virtual Blackboard Pro

It is a full feature-based App of Virtual Blackboard which is useful for Teachers and Students too.

For the teacher:
Create high-quality Virtual Blackboard lecture videos anytime, anywhere, and send them to your students through WhatsApp. Sharing of files to students is very easy if you make Whatsapp groups for your students.

For students:
Importing a Virtual blackboard file is very easy through WhatsApp. These files will get loaded in Virtual Blackboard App once the files are downloaded. Click on the file to watch high-quality Virtual Blackboard lecture videos anytime, anywhere. These are dynamic videos hence they require very less space.

Create and play high-quality Virtual Blackboard lecture videos anytime, anywhere, and send them through WhatsApp. All new upcoming features will be available only for this Pro version.

It has many more features:

– Download the shared Virtual Blackboard file from WhatsApp and then click on the file to import and view them on App.

– Replay videos any number of times (offline).

– Watch high-quality lecture videos without an internet connection.

– Less sized files compared to normal video files.

– Create and save any number of lecture videos you want on your device.

– Share the files through Whatsapp.

– Connect or do wirelessly casting to a TV/projector (Use Chromecast or Miracast and use device mirroring option) for viewing videos on a larger screen.

– It has an image slide maker feature through which you can capture book pages, notes, and add image slides. You can enhance each image slide using crop, rotate, resize, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. You can directly load and jump to any slide in the blackboard page through slide index. These slides are easily accessible on the Blackboard page while creating videos.

Virtual Blackboard is a unique and innovative educational cum presentation tool with new functionalities that have never been covered before. This product is a blending of writing, presentation, and drawing tools. It is simple to use, allowing you to make a tutorial quickly and efficiently.

How ultimate is the tool for strengthening knowledge?

A child’s brain is blank when he/she is born. That is their brains are not equipped with any kind of previous knowledge. So when a teacher teaches any subject once, no child can remember it in totality. The knowledge can be consolidated in their brain if they study the same topic repeatedly for several times. For this, a teacher has to teach or explain the subject contents many times to induce knowledge in the child’s brain. For this purpose, our tool provides help to the teachers. Whatever the teacher teaches once, it will be saved in our tool so the students can replay and watch the topic taught by their teachers as it is, any number of times they want. In this way, parents can also use this tool to teach their children at home.

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