What Does A Gray Circle Beside A Student Name Is Blackboard Mean

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1. Blackboard Grade Center – Icon Legend

Blackboard Grade Center – Icon Legend
Blackboard Grade Center – Icon Legend. The Grade Center in Blackboard comes with a legend of icons that you will see in the grading.

2. Bb: Blackboard Grade Center Overview – Tips and Tricks


In the Grade Center, faculty can provide and manage students' grades for a variety of … Needs Grading a yellow circle with the white exclamation point. … Grade Exempted for this User is a grey hash mark icon. … and click on the column's Contextual Menu (downward facing arrow) next to the column name.

3. Bb Grade Center: Hide Dropped Students – College of DuPage


One of Kelly's students has dropped. … Student has a null symbol next to name. Checking the Icon Legend, Kelly learns that the null symbol means User Unavailable. … While the Blackboard Grade Center won't allow an instructor to "delete" a … The student's name will turn gray and the student's Status will change from …

4. My Grades – Blackboard Help


Currently, our student and instructor help for Learn Original Course View and Learn Ultra Course View appear … To view grades for all of your courses, select the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner. … What do the icons mean?

5. Confluence Mobile – UMBC


Green check mark – You completed the work, but no grade is assigned for items such as surveys. Yellow exclamation mark – You submitted your work. This item is ready for grading. … Grey circle with diagonal dark gray stripes – Your grade for this item is exempted. You don't have to submit work.

6. What do the icons in the Original Blackboard Grade … – UMBC


Needs Grading – Student has submitted an assignment or quiz which needs grading. Override – You (the instructor) have changed a student's …

7. My Grades: Item Status – Blackboard Student Support



8. Overview of the Full Grade Center Function Buttons and …



9. Course Components – Blackboard Help


contextual menu next to the house icon to go to another course. … too many links on the course menu can overwhelm students. … properties of your course, such as its name, availability, and language pack. … The Home Page is often the default course entry point, which means this is the first page students see when they.

10. BLACKBOARD: Course Management



11. Blackboard Assignments: this is what I can see, what does it …



12. Faculty Blackboard LEARN FAQ – Office of Information …


How can I show my students the statistics (average and median) for this grade center item? … You were asked if you need Blackboard when you made a request to list a … Click on the wheel and then UNCLICK the boxes next to the old courses. … To get the link for each recording, click on the little circle with three dots to the …